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We want everyone to live the life they truly deserve. Our mission is to improve lives through premium quality nutritional products & skincare and help everyone to THRIVE in all areas of life.

How it started

How It Started

Le-Vel was created and envisioned with a greater purpose, a premium plan. The plan was not to create just a product, or just a product line, but to build a global brand, a new icon. Our brand THRIVE was built to encompass ultra-premium products and premium product lines, to be a new brand for those seeking a better, healthier, premium lifestyle.

Why Le-Vel?

Why Le-Vel?

  • Products proudly manufactured
    in the US and Canada
  • Created with the highest grade
    ingredients—and always gluten free
  • Over 10 million customers worldwide
  • 30 patents & counting…
  • Nearing $3 billion in lifetime sales
  • Over $200 million in FREE product shipped
  • Over $1 billion in total brand Promoter
    referral commissions paid
Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Inventor of the THRIVE Product Line and CEO, Jason Camper started Le-Vel with a vision for premium products that offer an opportunity to live a premium lifestyle.

A commitment and passion to Premium Grade raw ingredients and using an advanced level of nutrition to formulate THRIVE was the key to Le-Vel's immense success from the very beginning in 2012.

Our CO-Founder


Paul Gravette shared a vision in 2012 alongside Jason Camper to create a company, a brand & a product line that had never been seen before.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the Health & Wellness industry, Paul and Jason used their passion to create the one & only Premium Lifestyle Brand to fuel the launch of THRIVE by Le-Vel, and took the world by storm.

Who We Are & How We Work

Who We Are & How We Work

We are a completely Cloud Technology Based Company and team of individuals passionate about helping others through improved health and lifestyle.

The Le-Vel Cloud Management system is the most state of the art, most efficient, and the most lucrative operations infrastructure system ever. Due to the remote nature of our business, a huge percentage of overhead is eliminated at Le-Vel and replaced with Cloud Technology.

We are saving money and putting it where it needs to be…our products and the LV Rewards Plan. When it comes to state of the art efficiency, speed, stability and scalability, no other infrastructure beats our Cloud Technology.

Our Approach

Our Approach

The largest and most successful companies in the world are extremely good at one thing: they build brands, not products. They are so successful with this singular focus that they can put their logo on anything and it is passionately accepted worldwide.

As the Le-Vel vision was birthed with THRIVE, it will continue on with multiple brands and future premium products. Le-Vel will be a global giant; our logo will be on different products spanning multiple industries. Wherever you go, our logo will go with you. The quality, passion and efficacy with the THRIVE product line will consistently and flawlessly be incorporated into all product lines, because the true focus, our passion, will always be our Brand.

To build the Premium Lifestyle Company, we knew we had to create a premium product line but also look beyond just a product. We had to envision a larger purpose, a deeper reason for what we were doing. We had to create the one and only Premium Lifestyle Brand.